Postdoctoral position


Postdoctoral research assistant position

A postdoctoral research assistant position is available in the research group directed by Professor Albena Dinkova-Kostova in the Division of Cellular & Systems Medicine, Jacqui Wood Cancer Centre, School of Medicine, University of Dundee. The main focus of the research is to determine the role of transcription factor Nrf2 in tumour-associated macrophages and microglia cells (TAMs) in glioma. The project is in collaboration with the laboratory of Dr Dirk Sieger (University of Edinburgh) and is funded by the Medical Research Council. 

The position is available from 1st November 2022 for 36 months, subject to performance. 

We aim to test the hypothesis that Nrf2 activation in TAMs promotes glioma development. This knowledge will open possibilities to suppress the pro-tumoural activity of TAMs, and design effective anti-cancer treatments. Recent studies have identified compounds, which are toxic to cells with hyperactive Nrf2, but not to cells with normal Nrf2 activity. Such compounds, some of which have already been in clinical trials, provide an exciting opportunity to test their effect on glioma development in preclinical models and clinical trials. Applicants should have a PhD, with a background in cell/molecular biology and immunology. Applicants should be capable of working as part of a team but must also demonstrate initiative to drive the project forward.  

For informal enquiries, applicants may in the first instance contact Professor Albena Dinkova-Kostova (