International Women’s Day!


International Women’s Day!

Empowering Women in Science: Spotlighting Their Role in Research

In our ongoing COST action “Bench  to Bedside transition for  Pharmacological regulation of  NRF2 in non-communicable  diseases,” we aim to shine a light on  the invaluable contributions of women  in the field of science. With a  commitment to gender equality and  recognizing the significant role women  play in advancing scientific  knowledge, we have meticulously  curated a selection of scientific works  published in 2023, all led by women. 
The focus of our attention lies on the  transcription factor NRF2, a critical  player in the regulation of various non communicable diseases. 

Throughout our exploration, we’ve  identified numerous studies where  women have taken the lead,  serving as either the first author or  corresponding author. These  women have demonstrated exceptional expertise, dedication,  and innovation in unraveling the  complexities surrounding NRF2 and its implications for human  health.  

By highlighting the work of these  remarkable women, we seek to  inspire and empower future  generations of female scientists.  Their leadership, ingenuity, and  groundbreaking research  underscore the indispensable role  of women in driving scientific  progress and innovation. 

As we continue to champion diversity  and inclusivity in science, we invite you  to join us in celebrating the remarkable  achievements of women in the field of  NRF2 research. Together, let us foster  an environment where every voice is  heard and every contribution is valued,  paving the way for a brighter, more  equitable future in science. 

Birsen Can Demirdöğen lab

NRF2-related contributions

Reis-Mendes A, Ferreira M, Padrão AI, Duarte JA, Duarte-Araújo M, Remião F, Carvalho F, Sousa E, Bastos ML, Costa VM. The Role of Nrf2 and Inflammation on the Dissimilar Cardiotoxicity of Doxorubicin in Two-Time Points: a Cardio-Oncology In Vivo Study Through Time. Inflammation. 2023 Oct 14. PMID: 37833616.
Yang F, Smith MJ, Griffiths A, Morrell A, Chapple SJ, Siow RCM, Stewart T, Maret W, Mann GE. Vascular protection afforded by zinc supplementation in human coronary artery smooth muscle cells mediated by NRF2 signaling under hypoxia/reoxygenation.
Redox Biol. 2023 Aug; PMID: 37315344;

Paramonova’s lab, Latvia (left) and Georgiev`s lab, Bulgaria (right)

Elbaset MA, Mohamed BMSA, Hessin A, Abd El-Rahman SS, Esatbeyoglu T, Afifi SM, Fayed HM. Nrf2/HO-1,  NF-κB and PI3K/Akt signalling pathways decipher the therapeutic mechanism of pitavastatin in early phase liver  fibrosis in rats. J Cell Mol Med. 2024 Jan 12. PMID: 38214394. 

Kuntic I, Kuntic M, Oelze M, Stamm P, Karpi A, Kleinert H, Hahad O, Münzel T, Daiber A. The role of acrolein  for E-cigarette vapour condensate mediated activation of NADPH oxidase in cultured endothelial cells and  macrophages. Pflugers Arch. 2023 Jul;475(7):807-821. PMID: 37285062. 

Yang F, Smith MJ. Metal profiling in coronary ischemia-reperfusion injury: Implications for KEAP1/NRF2 regulated redox signaling. Free Radic Biol Med. 2024 Jan;210:158-171. PMID: 37989446. 

Dayalan Naidu S, Dinkova-Kostova AT. Omaveloxolone (SkyclarysTM) for patients with Friedreich’s ataxia.  Trends Pharmacol Sci. 2023 Jun;44(6):394-395. PMID: 37142519. 

Luo Y, Chatre L, Melhem S, Al-Dahmani ZM, Homer NZM, Miedema A, Deelman LE, Groves MR, Feelisch M,  Morton NM, Dolga A, van Goor H. Thiosulfate sulfurtransferase deficiency promotes oxidative distress and  aberrant NRF2 function in the brain. Redox Biol. 2023 Dec;68:102965. PMID: 38000344. 

Dayalan Naidu S, Angelova PR, Knatko EV, Leonardi C, Novak M, de la Vega L, Ganley IG, Abramov AY,  Dinkova-Kostova AT. Nrf2 depletion in the context of loss-of-function Keap1 leads to mitolysosome  accumulation. Free Radic Biol Med. 2023 Nov 1;208:478-493. PMID: 37714439. 

Silva-Llanes I, Shin CH, Jiménez-Villegas J, Gorospe M, Lastres-Becker I. The Transcription Factor NRF2 Has  Epigenetic Regulatory Functions Modulating HDACs, DNMTs, and miRNA Biogenesis. Antioxidants (Basel). 2023  Mar 4;12(3):641. PMID: 36978889. 

Sorice M, Profumo E, Capozzi A, Recalchi S, Riitano G, Di Veroli B, Saso L, Buttari B. Oxidative Stress as a  Regulatory Checkpoint in the Production of Antiphospholipid Autoantibodies: The Protective Role of NRF2 Pathway. Biomolecules. 2023 Aug 5;13(8):1221. doi: 10.3390/biom13081221. PMID: 37627286; PMCID:  PMC10452087. 

Feng J, Read OJ, Dinkova-Kostova AT. Nrf2 in TIME: The Emerging Role of Nuclear Factor Erythroid 2-Related  Factor 2 in the Tumor Immune Microenvironment. Mol Cells. 2023 Mar 31;46(3):142-152. doi:  10.14348/molcells.2023.2183. Epub 2023 Mar 17. PMID: 36927604; PMCID: PMC10070167. 

Reis-Mendes A, Ferreira M, Duarte JA, Duarte-Araújo M, Remião F, Carvalho F, Sousa E, Bastos ML, Costa  VM. The role of inflammation and antioxidant defenses in the cardiotoxicity of doxorubicin in elderly CD-1 male  mice. Arch Toxicol. 2023 Dec;97(12):3163-3177. doi: 10.1007/s00204-023-03586-1. Epub 2023 Sep 7. PMID:  37676301; PMCID: PMC10567829. 

Brackhan M, Arribas-Blazquez M, Lastres-Becker I. Aging, NRF2, and TAU: A Perfect Match for  Neurodegeneration? Antioxidants (Basel). 2023 Aug 4;12(8):1564. doi: 10.3390/antiox12081564. PMID:  37627559; PMCID: PMC10451380. 

Buttari’s lab, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey

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