3nd BenBedPhar Scientific meeting

Bench to Bedside for Pharmacological regulation of NRF2 in no communicable diseases

Location: "Victor Babes" National Institute of Pathology, 99-101 Splaiul Independentei, 050096 Bucharest, Romania

Participants: members of the Management Committee and Work Groups of the COST Action CA20121

Contact person

Dr. Gina Manda, Vice-Chair

Email: gina.manda@ivb.ro

Tel: (+40)213194528


Welcome to the third BenBedPhar Scientific meeting on NRF2 medicine and therapeutics for fostering the translation of NRF2 research from bed to bench. The transcription factor NRF2 exerts a broad spectrum cytoprotective effects against several pathologic mechanisms comprising low-grade chronic inflammation, metabolic alterations and redox signaling disturbances. Observations from animal models of disease and clinical studies, complemented by systems medicine approaches, suggest common alterations of NRF2 activity in several chronic pathologies including neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, metabolic and autoimmune diseases, along with cancer.

In this scientific meeting, twenty-seven lectures and eight posters will illustrate the intensive work that is being conducted on NRF2 physiopathology. Moreover, promising new or repurposed NRF2-modulating drugs that are found in different phases of preclinical development will be discussed.



Dr. Gina Manda (Action Vice-chair)

National Institute of Pathology, Bucharest, Romania


Dr. Elena Milanesi (Action Gender Equality Officer)

“Victor Babeș” National Institute of Pathology, Bucharest, Romania .

Programme EEST time.

October 13th

October 14th


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BenBedPhar CA20121.

Action details.

Grant Holder: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Start of Action: 19 October, 2021
End of Action: 18 October, 2025
Entry into force: DATE HERE
CSO approval date: 25 May 2021
Action email: info@benbedphar.org